Running creates friends
Running is the answer, whatever the question
Listen to your body
Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Your pace or mine?

Network ...

In the feet, 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels have to work together when we run!



In a recent study, when asked what food they couldn’t live without, most runners named bananas as their most adored foodie fix!


Burn ...

Even if you’re a super-slow jogger, you’ll burn at least 10 calories per minute of running. That means you’ll run off half a block of Lindt Dark Chocolate in less than 23 min!


Alzheimer's ...

Physically active people have a 60 percent lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease than coach potatoes


Melkbos Athletic Club started in 1994 when a group of runners saw a need for a local running club.

Even though the club is one of the smaller clubs in the Western Cape, it is an active one. Weekly Time Trials are held to keep members motivated to beat the clock and Pack Runs would be organized over weekends to put some distance in.

We are spoiled for choices; road run, beach run or some scenic running through Koeberg Nature Reserve.




Committee for 2017:


Chairman - Ian Sproule

Secretary - Shirwa Rohm

Treasurer - Esme le Grange

Club Captain - Michael Kupferberg

Club Captain Ladies / Trails - Diane Duggan

Social Captain - Kirsten Bezuidenhout & Nikki Roux